Health and safety

Health and safety policy statement (01 May 2022)

The chief executive and directors of The Hills Group recognise that they have a moral and legal duty of care towards protecting the Health and Safety of the company’s employees and others who may be affected by the Group’s activities.

In order to discharge their responsibilities the chief executive and directors of The Hills Group will so far as is reasonably practicable:-

  1. carry out The Hills Group of businesses operations in compliance with applicable Group and divisional health and safety policies and procedures, UK health and safety legislation and any other requirements to which Hills subscribe to that relate to our health and safety hazards;
  2. provide such resources to ensure that the standards described in this policy statement are achieved and maintained;
  3. provide an organisational structure that clearly defines the responsibilities for health and safety and for ensuring that the systems and procedures relating to this policy statement are rigorously applied;
  4. systematically identify all hazards and their associated risks and take such steps as are required to reduce risks to an acceptable level in order to prevent injury and ill health;
  5. ensure that all persons employed have reasonable experience and/or the training necessary, to achieve the level of competence required to ensure their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their work activities;
  6. continually improve Hills’ health and safety performance through setting and reviewing targets and objectives and regularly measuring the performance achieved;
  7. eliminate, so far as is reasonably practicable, unacceptable behaviour such as bullying, interpersonal conflicts at work, racial and sexual harassment which causes unnecessary stress in the workplace;
  8. ensure that any company who is contracted to carry out work on behalf of The Hills Group  is able to demonstrate that it pays due regard to health and safety matters;
  9. bring this policy statement to the attention of all employees and others (as required) and to seek their co-operation in supporting The Hills Group Board in its objective of achieving and maintaining a healthy and accident free work place.

This policy statement, together with associated responsibilities and arrangements will be the subject of continuous review in order to reflect business activities. In addition the undersigned will carry out, or have carried out, a formal review of this policy statement and its associated procedures on an annual basis.

Click here to download the Hills Group health and safety statement.
Michael P Hill
Chief executive, The Hills Group