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Business Performance Report 2015/16

Hills Waste Solutions has published its fifth Business Performance Report in which the company outlines how it has performed against environmental, health & safety and quality targets.Download a copy




Paper recycling milestone

October 2011 - Wiltshire residents have recycled 150,000 tonnes of newspapers and magazines in the last decade. That's almost one tonne of recycled paper for every household in Wiltshire. Read more


Diverting waste from landfill

August 2011 - Wiltshire has diverted one million tonnes of waste from landfill.  Read more


Did you know that 1 million tonnes =

      • the weight of more than 500 Stonehenges
      • 16,000 Challenge 2 Main Battle Tanks
      • two Silbury Hills
      • more than 29,000 unladen Hercules aeroplanes
      • approximately 1.1million Wadsworth Shire horses
      • 153 Salisbury Cathedral spires
      • 66 billion empty aluminium soft drink cans
      • 7.3 billion iPhones
      • a million average sized family cars
      • approximately 12.5 million average washing machines




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