About Northacre Renewable Energy

“Made in Wiltshire – local renewable energy made from locally-sourced fuel, powering
local Wiltshire businesses”

  • Generating local energy to power local businesses
  • Contributing to the local renewable energy market
  • Dealing with local waste
  • Creating local employment
  • Promoting a sustainable Wiltshire and Wiltshire’s aspiration for a green economy

Part of a local circular economy, using fuel made from local waste to generate renewable energy

Planning application approved

The planning application to build a renewable energy centre, called Northacre Renewable Energy, on the land between Hills Northacre Resource Recovery Centre (Northacre RRC) and Arla Foods Westbury Dairies at Stephenson Road, Westbury, was heard and approved in committee by Wiltshire Council on 23 September 2015.

The planning decision is available to view here.

What is Northacre Renewable Energy?

Northacre Renewable Energy Limited is a company formed by The Hills Group working partners to build a renewable energy centre to generate power in the form of electricity and heat to supply local businesses and the National Grid.

The proposed site for Northacre┬áRenewable Energy is on Stephenson Road, Northacre Industrial Park, Westbury, Wiltshire, on the open land between Hills’ existing Northacre Resource Recovery Centre (Northacre RRC) and Arla Foods Westbury Dairies. Access to the site will be from Stephenson Road, which links via the B3097 to the A350.

How will Northacre Renewable Energy work?

At the heart of Northacre Renewable Energy is an Advanced Thermal Treatment (ATT) technology called gasification. The centre will convert Solid Recovered Fuel and commercial and industrial waste destined for landfill into a gas which will be used on site to generate 22 megawatts of renewable power per annum. A substation will be constructed on site to enable the electricity produced to be exported to the National grid. Find out more here